406% More Effective Reactivation: The Power of Co-Op Modeling

In the months immediately preceding your biggest fundraising moments of the year, reactivation is one of the most important strategies you can leverage for efficient list growth that pays back fast. Powered by a massive data lake and sophisticated modeling to pinpoint the inactive names on your list most likely to re-engage, reactivation through The Digital Co-Op allows you to scale up while protecting deliverability.

And for one organization prioritizing reactivation strategy in 2022, a head-to-head test showed that an audience identified by The Digital Co-Op drove a 406% increase in revenue compared to their traditional reactivation audience selection methods.

Ahead of their most important fundraising moment of the year, a large organization and new member of The Digital Co-Op reached out to our team to learn about the potential of reactivation. With a large pool of lapsed email addresses in their inactive file, they were eager to bring supporters back into the fold so they could be sure they were emailing their largest and most actively engaged audience when the fundraising stakes were at their highest.

They came to The Digital Co-Op with a goal: to re-engage inactive names as efficiently as possible, all while protecting deliverability.

To determine whether reactivation through The Digital Co-Op was a strong list growth option for their program, this organization ran a test of their traditional reactivation methods against the co-op’s reactivation modeling.

Our reactivation modeling scores your inactive audience and pinpoints which of your past supporters are the most likely to reactivate based on that data – and, therefore, are primed to receive messaging from you again through the use of 240 terabytes of data in The Digital Co-Op.

Those new to reactivation modeling with The Digital Co-Op may find themselves asking: Does this tremendous amount of behavioral data make a difference in the effort to re-engage past supporters? For this organization, the answer was a resounding: Yes.

Reactivation modeling powered by The Digital Co-Op was 406% more effective than this organization’s traditional reactivation efforts. We can’t wait to see how this robust cohort of newly re-engaged names will continue to strengthen their program throughout their critical fundraising push.

Time and again, we’ve seen The Digital Co-Op’s list growth solutions outperform other sources. With its sophisticated modeling and vast data lake, you’re able to access so much more useful information about the recent donation activity of the inactive names on your list. By emailing prospects who are proven to be recently active and engaged with missions like yours, you can scale up knowing that you’re reaching out to people primed to engage with your mission – not to mention protecting your deliverability.

Reactivation modeling is one of so many different ways that we can use The Digital Co-Op to drive growth for your organization. You can check out more possibilities at https://thedigitalco-op.com/case-studies-insights/ or send an email to our chief growth officer at maureen.mcnally@missionwired.com to learn more.