With The Digital Co-Op, we can develop data-informed solutions to any challenge your nonprofit or campaign faces:

  • Break ROI records on list growth with AdvantageAI Email Acquisition
  • Bring lapsed donors back into the fold and giving again
  • Out-model Facebook’s own targeting with custom audiences
  • Mobilize your supporters to advocate when the stakes are highest

See it in Action

What can you expect?

Members of The Digital Co-Op are seeing a full return on their investment up to twice as fast as the return from social media acquisition channels. AdvantageAI, the flagship offering of The Digital Co-Op, is the best-performing acquisition tool available to nonprofits and campaigns, helping them find new-to-list email addresses to quickly convert to donors.

With more than 150 members of varying sizes, The Digital Co-Op offers a larger inventory of high-quality email leads for your organization than ever before.

“We’ve participated in offline co-ops forever, so participating in The Digital Co-op is just a natural progression. And our results have been incredible. Our email list in July 2021 was 50,000 names. It grew to 240,000 in six months, and the return on that investment is 200%.”

How it Works

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