About The Digital Co-Op

The Digital Co-Op helps nonprofits and campaigns achieve unprecedented growth by combining the modeling power of social advertising with the predictability of fixed-cost solutions. It’s built to help you acquire new email addresses, reactivate lapsed subscribers, model for sustainers, find advocates, and convert more new-to-you prospects and donors committed to your cause.

And with more than 200 members of varying sizes, The Digital Co-Op offers a larger inventory of high-quality email leads for your organization than ever before. 

The Digital Co-Op is a first-of-its-kind acquisition and advocacy tool.

By combining cutting-edge machine learning and billions of rows of data, this first-of-its-kind, award-winning platform identifies supporters who share characteristics with your existing donors – so you can find new donors to support your mission. 

The Digital Co-Op has grown to more than 200 members offering a pool of over 100 million would-be donors ready to activate on your behalf.

It’s old made new.

The Digital Co-Op’s ancestors come from the direct mail world, where nonprofit organizations have utilized cooperative growth models for decades. 

What’s new? We’ve brought it online – powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms that rival those used in any sector of marketing.

It works – and will only get better!

Some members have seen their investments return in full in less than 60 days. And as new members join, the “data stories” get richer, more nuanced – and more predictive. The Digital Co-Op is a community of mission-driven members growing together.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join the co-op.
  • Our cutting-edge models parse billions of data points from you and other, like-minded organizations to meet the needs of your organization: to grow your list with new-to-you email supporters, reactivate lapsed audiences, find supporters primed for advocacy, and more.
  • Receive your list of modeled names (new or existing prospects customized to fit your organization’s unique needs) and communicate with your new supporters.
  • Measure your return, then choose which challenge your next investment will solve. Once you’re in the co-op, it’s easy to take advantage of any models within the suite of data-backed solutions we’ve built – or any of the new models we’re constantly developing to solve new challenges!

Ready to learn more about how it might work for your program?

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