Your Best-Performing Acquisition Source … Just Got Better

The Digital Co-Op – the premier list acquisition source for organizations – just got a major model upgrade. What does that mean, and how does the updated model work? 

What is The Digital Co-Op?
The Digital Co-Op is the answer to your organization’s biggest fundraising challenges: Find the best audience for your message, raise more, and transform what’s possible for your mission.

It’s powered by billions of rows of donor and behavioral data points and the most powerful machine learning solutions you’ll find anywhere – all put to work to find the new-to-you prospects and donors most likely to connect with your program’s unique work.

With its origins in the direct mail Co-Op model you’re familiar with, brought online and leveraging cutting-edge predictive modeling, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your data-driven growth needs.

What does it mean when you say you’ve upgraded the Co-Op’s model? 

Over the last year, our data scientists have asked themselves: Can we use machine learning to focus less on the past and more on the future, to turn to The Digital Co-Op to answer not what has happened, but what will? Can we do so in ways that accelerate return on investment for our partners and help drive growth and revenue for their campaigns and causes?

The answer, it turns out, is: yes, absolutely. 

We developed a new modeling architecture that improved The Digital Co-Op’s best-in-class targeting capabilities. While we’ve consistently been improving our model since The Digital Co-Op’s launch in 2020, this new, innovative update is even more precise, more efficient, and more reliable. 

How is this new model different?

We’ve iterated on our previously successful image segmentation model and adapted it to a more sequence-based model, following the evolution of the machine learning field. Essentially, we’re able to look at large sequences of behavioral data to predict who will most likely give to your organization – now and in the future. 

While the science behind our new models is truly innovative and unique, the main thing to know is that this new architecture allows us to find even more highly qualified prospects for your mission.

What results have you seen from testing the new model?

After our team finished developing this new architecture, we had to put it to the test to see if it would drive the results we hypothesized. Through a series of back tests and field tests, we monitored three key areas: conversions, revenue, and negative signals. 

While we always want to drive big revenue gains for our clients, we never do it at the sake of deliverability. That’s why negative signals are incredibly important to us, as we employ rigorous screening techniques to protect deliverability. 

From our testing, we saw impressive results – with some Co-Op members seeing 15-30% stronger return with the upgraded architecture – and we’re excited for how this upgrade will continue to help our partners meet their goals. 

What’s next for The Digital Co-Op?

We can’t wait to see what the powerful new modeling capabilities can do for our clients’ missions. As we’re always evolving and looking ahead, we’re eager to continue optimizing this model. It could be hugely impactful in answering questions like: Who are your next best advocates, monthly donors, clickers, and petition signers? Who will respond best to an SMS, direct mail piece, online ad, or email? We’re confident the teams at The Digital Co-Op will be answering these questions – and more – soon. 

To be one of the first members to take advantage of our state-of-the-art upgrades to The Digital Co-Op, reach out to your Co-Op contact, or get in touch at