50% Return During Rapid-Response Moments: Why Nonprofits are Turning to AdvantageAI for List Acquisition

By Beth Miller, Senior Digital Strategist

In the last few weeks, we’ve achieved something we’ve seldom seen: 100% returns on paid media investment in weeks. We did this for nonprofit organizations who are members of AdvantageAI, our first-of-its-kind digital data co-op. 

What does this tell us? AdvantageAI continues to help nonprofits find donors – and not just any donors, but the right donors. And we saw these incredible results in August, far outside of major nonprofit giving moments like Giving Tuesday or EOY. Of course, these results came against a backdrop of headline-making natural disasters and global news events: earthquakes, hurricanes, and the withdrawal effort in Afghanistan. But to drive such incredible returns during a mission-focused moment from new leads (who even out-performed active donors!) shows the true power of AdvantageAI and its ability to identify the right supporters in the right moment.

So what do we know about AdvantageAI’s performance, a little over a year since its launch? 

  • It knows who donates at year-end. In its first year, for a half-dozen organizations, we saw nonprofits draw names in September and achieve full returns on their investments before Dec. 31. As we’ve made improvements to AdvantageAI’s models, it’s also gotten even better, with organizations continually seeing faster payback outside of year-end. We couldn’t be more eager to see what nonprofit members achieve this December.
  • It knows who will give in rapid-response moments. With more than 115 million email addresses from more than 100 members, AdvantageAI has people who care about distinct causes – and sufficiently sophisticated machine learning to identify them. Specifically, as these headline-driving events occurred, the commonality was need, but the focus varied: domestic, international, emergency, women and girls, military support, and more. To an organization, AdvantageAI found the right supporters. No group, least of all donors to causes, is a monolith. We can help parse data and behavior to find your people.
  • The supporters identified by AdvantageAI are in it for the long haul. Not only are AdvantageAI donors showing up in moments of high need, but they continue to give after the disaster has receded from the front pages. When December’s in the distance and you’re outside a moment characterized by natural urgency, these supporters will be there. Nonprofits are finding supporters who aren’t just rapid-response donors, but something more enduring: committed, attached, believers-in-the-mission donors.

We so believe in AdvantageAI – and not because of what it does for us, but because of what it does for you. Organizations who are on the front lines of making the world a better place, day in, day out. And we’ll back that up: When you join before the end of September and draw 15,000 names, we’ll give you 10,000 additional leads. You’ll see for yourself what AdvantageAI has to offer, and we can’t wait to make it happen for you.

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